Digital Backpack

NSF 2043526, $50K over 4 months

We are partnering with teachers and parents at STAR School to design and develop the Digital Backpack (DigiPack), an opportunistic content delivery system and mobile application that allows students living on Navajo Nation to engage with digital learning content at home even when Internet connectivity is slow, intermittent, or non-existent. This project is funded under Stage I of the competitive NSF CIVIC Innovation program.

Kids with Backpacks


NSF 1951911, $150K over 1 year

We are working to understand and address the socio-technical challenge of designing culturally and connectivity responsive mHealth applications for rural tribal communities. Currently, we are working with the Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative.



NSF 1831698, $2M over 2 years

Our work seeks to evaluate and develop new network technologies to enable tribal communities to meaningfully participate in the Internet, as both consumers and producers of Internet content, in order to create new opportunities for economic development.